Our canteen aims to provide a variety of affordable and nutritious vegetarian meal and snack options to students and staff at Manning Adventist School (MAS).

We believe that your child’s ability to learn, concentrate and enjoy school is highly dependent upon the food they are using as fuel for their bodies. This is why our canteen complies with the NSW Healthy Schools Canteen guidelines, where food is allocated a colour coded rating (green, amber or red) according to their nutritional value.

The codes are based upon the level of salt, saturated fats and sugars the foods contain.
Green foods are everyday foods, such as fruit, vegetables and grains. These foods are low in sugars, fats and salt and they form the bulk of the MAS canteen menu.

Amber foods should be eaten in moderation as they provide some nutrients. A limited number of amber foods are available at the MAS canteen.

Red foods generally include food and drinks that are high in fat, sugar and salt, including soft drinks which our Canteen do not stock.

We want to be a part of the journey to eating healthy food and exercising daily to maintain student performance at school and for a brighter future.

This would not be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers. Thank you to the people who have offered their time and if you would like to help, please let our admin office know.

MAS is not a nut-free campus. Parents must let the school know if their child has an allergy to nut products.

Opening Hours

Our canteen is open on Thursday each week and food is available during recess and lunchtime.


Our canteen menu and price list is usually sent home to parents at the commencement of the term.


Lunch orders

Lunch should be pre-ordered by Thursday morning before school. Orders should be written on a paper bag or lunch wallet (for purchase through the School Office), and have money enclosed. Your child could also fill out an order form available from the Canteen.

  • Write your child’s full name on the front of the bag/wallet.
  • List the item/s and the price of each item.
  • Total the order and place money in the paper bag/wallet (correct change is appreciated).
  • Teachers will remind students about lunch orders at the start of the day.
  • If change is required, it will be placed in the bottom of the bag/wallet.
  • All orders are to be collected from the canteen during recess or lunch time.
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