Our MABS Pre-Kindy is an Early Entry to Kindergarten (EEK) program. It is a unique school readiness course for children 4 years and older. It has been designed to gently bridge the gap between a child’s prior-school experience (e.g. pre-school, long-day care, family day care, at home with parent or carer) and the more formal educational experience of school. Children who’ve attended a preschool, day care or have been at home with their parent or carer will benefit from this differentiated early childhood education program.

The Pre-Kindy EEK program is built around experiential and play-based learning that is engaging and fun. Students are guided through a variety of stimulating indoor and outdoor activities that centre around Early Stage 1 outcomes. They will discover and create new things whilst collaborating with their peers and discuss interesting topics while encountering challenges that need to be solved. And as we are a Christian school, our Pre-Kindy EEK Program has been developed to instil Christian morals and values; traits that will define character during school and beyond.

We believe that God has given the family the great responsibility and task of raising and educating their children; to foster mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth. Therefore we work in harmony with the parents of each individual child.

The flexibility of the MABS program allows families to choose attendance from one to three days per week, and to gradually increase days throughout the year if desired, and if available.

Please note that all Pre-Kindy students must be 4 years old by March 31 in the year they start Pre-Kindy.
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