Years K- 6


Primary school is where the journey begins; the start of thirteen years of formalised education. Because learning begins the day a child is born, by the time they arrive at school they already have a wealth of knowledge and understandings in place. Our primary education program at Manning Adventist Bush School builds on this knowledge base and assists students to establish connections between what they know and experience and what they will discover in the classroom.

Our qualified and experienced teachers recognise that each child learns at a different rate and in a variety of different ways, and are therefore able to facilitate learning so that each child reaches their full potential in their own time.

We maintain small classes so that teachers can get to know the individual needs of each child. Building on a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy we enable all of our students to discover and develop their individual gifts and talents.

Every opportunity is provided for our students to participate with other schools at various carnivals. Each year, we join our sister-schools on the mid-north coast for annual swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals. Our students are provided with opportunities to be part of a bigger community, and yet still benefit from an intimate learning environment within the classroom.

Our program is distinct; it is tailored to meet the need of individual students. Where needed, learning support is available, and our multi-grade classroom allows for extending talented students.

Whilst our approach to education is a holistic one, when it comes to academics, our emphasis is on our students achieving their personal best.
We provide a thorough grounding in key learning areas and offer a challenging curriculum that gives our students an excellent educational basis to build upon.

Our Key Learning Areas (KLAs) are:

  • Bible
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and its Environment
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Years 5-6 students visit Canberra every two years to experience and learn about our nation’s capital. It’s a memorable time away!

As a Christian school we devote time to worship, learning about God and studying the Bible. Children are involved in Bible classes, hear regular Bible stories, and are involved in a weekly chapel service. Worship is a core component of education at Manning Adventist Bush School and all students are encouraged to have a relationship with Jesus. Through our worship and chapel programs, we aim to help the families at our school raise responsible, mature and well-rounded children with a balance to their lives.

Our focus on nurture aims to build resilient children. It helps children to develop skills to cope with life, find where they fit and how they can make a difference. Children are taught to take responsibility for their own actions and belongings; to respect themselves and others. This in turn, increase confidence and empowers healthy and meaningful relationships with others.

All students in K-6 will be involved our new music program soon to be released. Each student will have the opportunity to learn a new instrument and also learn to play as an ensemble.

The visual arts classes at Manning Adventist Bush School run for one hour each week. Amazing pieces of artwork have been created by students from Kindergarten right through to Year 6. Students are taught and nurtured by an experienced artist who encourages them to express their creativity and discover their talents.

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