Manning Adventist Bush School is committed to making Christian education affordable to as many students as possible, and for many families, private school fees can be a significant investment. For this reason we provide substantial sibling discounts to assist families, as well as Adventist employer subsidies. Prompt payment discounts are also available.

To assist families in meeting the cost of education, a direct debit system is available which allows payments to be spread equally across the school year.

Kindy - Year 6 Fees

Family discounts are available for students who are Australian residents and is applied to tuition fees only. This discount is calculated on the amount of tuition fees remaining after the application of any other discounts or subsidies. Sibling discount applies to any family where two or more children are enrolled in K-Y6 at Manning Adventist Bush School. Sibling discounts are calculated on tuition fees only, as follows:

  • One child: Full fee
  • Two children: 15% off each child
  • Three children: 30% off each child
  • Four or more children: 40% off each child

A prompt payment discount of 5% on K-Y6 tuition fees is applied if the full term’s fees have been received at Manning Adventist Bush School by the advertised discount date. A 10% discount on K-Y6 tuition fees is applied if the full year’s fees are paid upfront by the advertised discount date. It is the responsibility of the fee-payer to ensure fees are received by the school by the discount deadline.

Detailed information on discounts and subsidies is available from the school office or by phoning 02 6551 0147

Recognising that some families experience short term financial hardship, Manning Adventist Bush School has limited funding available to assist families experiencing genuine difficulties. We are dedicated to ensuring that financial hardship is not the primary reason for students being unable to attend or remain at our school.

In cases of genuine hardship, assistance in meeting fees may be available. Families wishing to make an application for Fee Remission can collect an application form from the School Office. All applications will be handled with strict confidentiality, and will be reviewed by the Financial Committee.

Manning Adventist Bush School creates an annual fee statement at the beginning of the year to assist families with their budgeting. This statement will show the fees for the year and provide a number of payment options.

Fee instalments can be made as follows:

  • Option A: Fees are paid up-front for the year
  • Option B: Fees are paid up-front for the term
  • Option C: 40% deposit before the end of week 1 of given term. Second instalment due by the end of week 5 of given term. Balance due by the end of week 9 of given term
  • Option D: Weekly or fortnightly payments commencing the first week of term 1. These payments are to be made using direct debit, Centrepay (a free direct bill-paying service offered to customers receiving payments from Centrelink), or BPay.

It is important that you notify the school office at the beginning of the year, before the first due date, of the payment option you intend to use.

Payment may be made by cash, direct debit, EFT or BPay.

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